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All aboard for the Emerald Isle!
All around my heart there's a chain of shamrocks gay...
An' may ye always feel as gay...
As the months run round the Earth, may each bring you joy and mirth!
At Christmas time, so runs the rhyme
Be not alarmed, but show your pluck...
Best Easter wishes
Best Easter wishes
Best Easter wishes
Best Easter wishes
Best Hallowe'en wishes
Best wishes for Easter
A blessed and peaceful Easter
Break from thy winter...
A bud of Erin's royal tree of glory
By all the powers o' darkness...
Cats staring at cat postcards and images, Landor's Cat Studies
Christmas is here at last
Clear the track for merry Christmas
Come, join our Hallow-e'en high jinks!
Could I borrow a witches flying-machine...
Dear harp of Erin, wake thy song...
Easter children
An Easter greeting
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