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Ernest Hemingway Christmas card to Fanny Butcher, between 1952 and 1961
Ernest Hemingway skiing, Gstaad, Switzerland, 1927
Westman, W. H., Virginia Hadley, and Charlie Velsek at IWW picnic, Caldwell Woods, 1945
Keller, Carl and Fanny in group photo - IWW picnic in Caldwell Woods, 1943
Westman, W. H., John Neufield, Charles Velsek and others unidentified, IWW Picnic, Chicago, 1943
Ambrose, Jenny, "on the line" in Buena, Washington, 1933
Cutler, Edith, Charles Velsek, and Jenny Ambrose, 1931
Ambrose, Jenny, 1932
Agricultural Workers I.U. No. 100 office in Yakama, Washington, 1928
Velsek, Charles and Edith Cutler, 1931
Unger, Bill and Lillian before they married, 1947
Velsek, Charles and Jenny Ambrose, 1932
Delegates to the 26th Convention of the IWW at Haymarket Monument, Forest Park, Illinois, 1950
Thompson, Fred and Jenny Lahti, 1986
Velsek, Jenny, ca. 1930s
Smith, George and some Wobblies, ca. 1940s
Class photo from Work People's College (Fred Thompson and Jenny Lahti are identified), 1933
Westman, Walter, Bessie Smith, Ernest Homburg, George Smith, and Charlie Velsek, ca. 1930
Ambrose, Jenny and Charles Velsek at Yakima organizing drive, 1933
Sheldon Smith
Charlie Vernon
Mark Howard
Brian Fretté
Colleen Halloran
Shan Bai
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