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A. Whirlwind Horse and Dr. Gary Coates, oral history interview, circa 1982
The aboriginal port-folio : a collection of portraits of the most celebrated chiefs of the North American Indians
Abstract of Petition of Juan Velázquez de Salazar Madrid, 1578
Account 1809 Jan
Account and docket books : Jackson County, Mich., [vol. 01] 1835-1862
Account and docket books : Jackson County, Mich., [vol. 02] 1835-1862
Account and docket books : Jackson County, Mich., [vol. 03] 1835-1862
Account by Father Morfi of his expedition to the Provincias Internas 1777 Aug. 4-1778 Nov. 9
Account Hatfield Mass., account of expenses on the publique service, 1724
Account of a conference in Washington relative to the removal west of Iroquois Indians Utica, N.Y. : report, 1845 Sept. 24
Account of a voyage on the U.S.S. Constitution leaving New York May 30, 1844, and arriving at Manila Bay Sept. 12, 1845 journal, 1844-1845
An account of an annual religious ceremony practised by the Mandan tribe of North American Indians ca. 1900
Account of Capt. Lovewell's fight at Pigwacket, 1725 May 8
Account of his captivity among the Onneidas i.e. Oneidas in 1690-1691 1890-1894
An account of Louisiana : laid before Congress by direction of the President of the United States, November 14, 1803 : comprising an account of its... [742112]
An account of what John Hawks of Deerfield and Moses Scott of Hatfield lost by the enemy at Hoosuck i.e. Hoosac 1748 Sept. 8
Account South Carolina, to 39 Tommy Hawks with pipes for the Cherokee Indians, 1757 Feb. 18
Accounting statements, 1820
Accounts 1707-1709
Accounts Charleston, S.C., 1757-1759
Accounts South Carolina, to Simeon Theus for Indian provisions, 1754-1755
An accurate map of North and South Carolina with their Indian frontiers shewing in a distinct manner all the mountains, rivers, swamps, marshes, bays,...
Across the continent on foot in 1859 a record of personal experiences, 1902
Agenda de bufete o libro de memoria diario para 1884 con noticias y guia de Madrid
AIM - Hamburg Meeting, Translation, 1 of 4
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