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"-and if sport's in your line, sir, the house has the added advantage of being close to the local football ground!!"
The "bookie"
Un "chut" metiendo la pata
Un "chut" que quita las narices
La "driva" la reine des raquettes de tennis
"Ere, why dont yer blow yer whistle? Referee:- I c-c-cant - I've swallered it!!
The "fortune-teller"
A "good old sport"
"Hotspur's" Nap- Mr. Sidney Galtrey dreams he wins the derby with 'the caster'!
Un "jockey" marocain
"Laying back," - Stiff for a brush
Ein "meister-schuss"
"Old chums" no danger
The "sand-witch"
A "tail" of woe
A "touch" line
Un "transforme"
The "welsher"
"Whoa" Emma
$100,000 Athletics' Infield
A 'foul' (fowl) trip
(10 P.M.) Well shied
-Ancient- Roller skating -Modern-
... Es du hasard "On ne patine pas avec l'amour" Dangerous sport
... Jolly Christmas: He shows off his skating
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