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Cannes-Rue Felix Faure
Penang, general post office
Town Hall & St Paul's Church, Sheffield
Leamington, Avenue and Parade
Leamington. Parade
Swindon Tramway Centre and Fleet Street
Cannes, Rue Felix Faure
Technical School and Corporation Streets. St. Helens
Dhurmtollah, Musjid, Calcutta
Prince's Street, looking west, Edinburgh
Dresden, Bruhl'sche Terrasse m. Belvedere
Town Hall & Municipal College, Portsmouth
Yonge and King Streets Toronto
Montreal, Notre Dame Church
The market place, Nottingham
Moorhead, Sheffield
Bar Gate
Below bar, Southampton
High St. Southampton
Greater New York. -Bowling Green
High Street, Newport (Mon.)
Cardiff, Queen Street
Scarborough in Ramsdale Valley
The unprotected male
Life's little ironies
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