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World's Fair, New York, 1964-1965
Lincoln, the storekeeper, 1833
The Adler Planetarium, Grant Park, Chicago
Marcelle cosmetic exhibit
Travel Building
Ordre, marche et détail exact des cérémonies qui auront lieu les cinq jours complémentaires et le premier vendemiaire au Champ-de-Mars, pour la...
Musical instruments at the World's Columbian Exposition : a review of musical instruments, publications and musical instrument supplies of all kinds,...
Hessische Landes-Ausstellung für Freie und Angewandte Kunst Darmstadt 1909
Internationale Hygiene - Ausstellung Dresden Mai - October 1912
Festival Hall
Tower and cascade, Court of Abundance
Oregon State Building
Oregon State Building
Tower, Court of Flowers
North elevation, Machinery Hall
Tower of Jewels, 434 feet high
Palace of Horticulture
Palace of Fine Arts
In the Court of the Sun and Stars
Spring, one of the four niches in the Court of the Four Seasons
Half dome, Court of the Four Seasons
Looking towards the Marin Hills from the Court of the Sun and Stars
Looking south in the Court of Palms
Perspective of the Exposition by Jules Guerin from the Presidio Heights
Netherlands Building at the Pan. Pac. Int. Expo. ...
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