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Joel Hall Dancers, That Anticipatory Feeling (UIC Theatre)
Two Overcomes, Negro
Joel Hall Dancers, excerpts from Nuts and Bolts, a one of a kind Nutcracker
Joel Hall Dancers, John Willi, part 2; That's a fac, Jack, L'etranger, Caliente Por Favor (NTSC)
Y-2Day revised
Y-2 Day Joel Hall
Y-2 Day (Athenaeum Theatre), Dance Chicago
Y-2 Day main floor center
Y-2 Day Dave Baer version
Joel Hall Dancers, Month of Sundays (Athenaeum Theatre)
JHD Month of Sundays, choreography by Talley Beatty
Nuts and Bolts
Commercial Nuts and Bolts
Nuts and Bolts, 3 cameras on 1 screen with time code
Nuts and Bolts backstage
Nuts and Bolts (athenaeum Theatre), wide angle
Joel Hall Dance Center, Elementary division and pre-teen/teen division performances
Nuts and Bolts (Chicago City Theater) promo
Joel Hall Dance Center, Youth Division in Concert
Joel Hall Dancers, demo tape
Now You See It--Now You Don't, tape no 2
REM Studio rehearsal
Joel Hall Dancers documentary, Soviet Union
Textures, Month of Sundays
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