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Letter Athens, Ga., to William McCay, Northumberland, Pa., 1836 May 22
A 17th century letter of Gabriel Diaz Vara Calderon, bishop of Cuba, describing the Indians and Indian missions of Florida
Letters 1839-1842
Letters Fort Stansbury, Fla., and Jefferson Barracks, Mo., to Samuel Hitchcock, Burlington, Vt., 1843 Jan. 15 - Sept. 20
Letter Washington, D.C., to John Armstrong, Washington, D.C., 1813 May 25
Letter : Fort Dade, East Florida, to Westerlo Woodworth, Albany, N.Y., 1837 Mar. 7
Letter Tampa Bay, Fla., to C.C. Clay, Governor of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 1836 Nov. 17
We, the subscribers, do hereby agree to pay the sum placed opposite to our respective names for the purpose of raising a fund to be distributed, as a...
Letter Point Peter Ga., to James Jackson, Governor of Georgia, 1799 June 17
Letters written in 1688 by the chiefs of the Apalachee and of the Timucua Indians to Charles II, King of Spain
Richard M. Johnson letter to Gov. Wm. P. Duvall, ca. 1829
Florida et Apalche
Florida East Coast Railway Flagler system, the St. Augustine route
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