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James P. Owen journal, May 25-November 15, 1860
Erwin Watkins-Simeon Whiteley papers [box 05], 1863-1920
Erwin Watkins-Simeon Whiteley papers [box 03], 1863-1920
Erwin Watkins-Simeon Whiteley papers [box 04], 1863-1920
Erwin Watkins-Simeon Whiteley papers [box 02], 1863-1920
Erwin Watkins-Simeon Whiteley papers [box 01], 1863-1920
Joseph Whitehouse journal, May 14, 1804-November 6, 1805
Samuel C. Jennings diary, Moravia, New York, to California, March 19-December?, 1849, 1871
Joel Grover journal, 1850-1853
Journal across the plains in 1859, 1859 Mar. 8 - Aug. 23
Journal March 13, 1852 1852 Mar. 13-1854 Aug. 5
Map of the St. Louis, Kansas and California railway lines via the North Missouri Railway "the shortest line" connecting the east with the great west...
Badge of a detective
Sketch exhibiting the routes between Fort Laramie and the Great Salt Lake
Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, in compliance with a Senate resolution of February 23, 1875, a report of the expedition to the Black...
Crossing the Plains; narratives of the scenes, incidents and adventures attending the overland journey of the Decatur and Rush county emigrants to the...
Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean; originally prepared to accompany the reports of the...
Table of distances of the overland daily stage line, from Atchison, Kansas, to Great Salt Lake City : the route passing through Denver City, thence by...
Outline description of the posts in the Military division of the Missouri, commanded by Lieutenant General P. H. Sheridan, accompanied by tabular...
Kansas Pacific Railway the best and shortest cattle trail from Texas
Out West : a monthly magazine of original and selected articles, bearing principally on the Rocky Mountain section, with a summary of news
Outskirt episodes ...
The Oregon trail; sketches of prairie and Rocky-mountain life
Chicago [box 122], Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company Records
Chicago [box 128], Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company Records
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