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Letter Camp Scott Nantahala, N.C., to John T. Jones, Fort Defiance, Wilkes Co., N.C., 1838 June 3
Letter Athens, Ga., to William McCay, Northumberland, Pa., 1836 May 22
First annual message (second term) of Hon. Joel B. Mayes, principal chief of the Cherokee Nation. : delivered at Tahlequah, I.T., November 4, 1981
Summary of the census of the Cherokee nation : taken by the authority of the National Council, and in conformity to the constitution, in the year of...
Constitution of the Cherokee Nation formed by a convention of delegates from the several districts at New Echota, July 1827
Protest of the Cherokee Nation against a territorial government
The Indian Territory : arguments of William P. Ross of the Cherokee delegation delivered before the Committee on Territories of the House of...
Memorial of John Ross and others, representatives of the Cherokee nation of Indians, on the subject of the existing difficulties in that nation, and...
Laws of the Cherokee Nation, enacted by the General Council in the year 1829
Cherokees history & habits & language, between 1831 and 1838
Letter New York N.Y., to His Excellency, Richard Caswell esquire, 1787 Aug. 16
A map of the Southern Indian District of North America
State of Georgia, by His Excellency George R. Gilmer, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of this State, and of the Militia thereof...
Letter : Williamsburg, Va. to George Wythe, 1777 May 27
Records 1790-1793
Letters and appointment 1792-1795
Letter Washington, D.C., to George W. Campbell, Washington, D.C., 1817 Jan. 18
Accounts South Carolina, to Simeon Theus for Indian provisions, 1754-1755
Letter Cherokee Agency, Calhoun, Tenn., to H.A. Wise, Washington, D.C., 1838 June 18
Accounts Charleston, S.C., 1757-1759
These are to desire and require inhabitants of this province where these five Cherokee Indians may call at for provision in their way home to supply...
Letter Long Cane, S.C., to Elijah Clarke, in Gen. Wayne's camps near Savannah, Ga., 1782 Apr. 3
Letter Knoxville Tenn., to Amos Stoddard, Major, Fort Columbus, New York harbor, 1810 Oct. 9
Report and letter 1814-1831
Letters 1821-ca. 1835
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