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An account of what I lost at the Fort Machushit 1746-1747
Letter LM Longmeadow, Mass., to the Revd. Mr. J. Sergeant, 1743 Apr. 15
Letter Deerfield, Mass., to the Superior of the Jesuits in the College of Quebec Jean Baptiste de Saint Pé, 1747 Dec
A view of the obelisk erected under Liberty-Tree in Boston on the rejoicings for the repeal of the Stamp-Act 1766
Henry Van Schaack papers [box 01], 1734-1896
Testimony this writing witnessed that we whose names are under written ..., 1682 Dec. 18
Letter Mansf. Mansfield, Conn., Dear Brother Stephen Williams, 1734 Feb. 7
Warrant to the Constable of Chelmsford Mass., 1669 May 5
Letter Deerfield, Mass., to Stephen Williams, 1716 May 14
Letter Col: Schuyler's, New York, to Davenport Williams, Longmeadow, Mass., 1756 Sept. 5
Letter Stockbridge, Mass., to William Tryon, 1773 Dec. 8
The deposition of Samuell Davis aged about 36 years Groton, Mass., 1666 Feb. 2
Testimony Groton, Mass., 1666
Selectmen of Sheffield to James Rhodes ... bill, 1757 Jan. 13
Deposition Groton, Mass., 1666 Jan. 22
Account Hatfield Mass., account of expenses on the publique service, 1724
To the honored Court sitting in Charlestowne petition, 1684 June 18
Indictment Cambridge Mass., James Natonamage against Nathaniel Mott for selling liquor to Indians, 1663 Oct. 25
To the Kings most excellent majesty the humble address of your majestys loyal subjects subscribers here of freeholders & inhabitants within your...
Order Province of the Massachusetts Bay, instructions to Coll. Thomas Westbrook appointed commander in chief of the forces eastward, 1722 Jan. 18
Proceedings at a meeting of the Commissioners for the Indian Affairs at the Council Chamber in Boston, 1734 Aug. 16
Order to Major Symonds Epps, Comander of the middle Regiment of Militia in the County of Essex, 1696 Feb. 5
Legal document at a great generall court or assembly of the province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England begun at Boston, 1706 May 29 - Aug. 7
Memorial Boston, to Her Majesties Board of Ordnance, 1709 Oct. 24
To ye honoured County Court now sitting in Charlestown ... the humble petition of Rebeckah Lee, 1684 Apr. 17
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